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Budget Timeline

July 1 to June 30

OMB prepares and distributes the final Budget Book. Each department uses their budget to deliver services. The Finance Department, especially Accounts and OMB, monitor departmental budgets.

June 30 to December

Accounts closes books, the Audit Board selects independent certified public accountants to perform an annual post audit, and Accounts prepares & issues a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.


Each department prepares budget options & revenue estimates for review by the Finance Department's Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Late Winter

The Mayor, Director of Finance and OMB evaluate each department's options and conduct individual department hearings to prepare the Recommended Budget.

May 1

The Mayor and/or the Finance Director present the Recommended Budget to the Metro Council. The Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee files the budget and tax levy ordinances. OMB prepares the Recommended Budget Book for Council's review.

April to June

The Council and the Budget & Finance Committee conduct public hearings as well as hearings with each individual department. The budget is approved on three readings, and may be amended or substituted on the third reading. OMB prepares substitute budget ordinances for the Budget & Finance Committee as required.

June 30

The Council passes the budget ordinances, and the Mayor signs the budget ordinances into law. If the Council fails to pass a balanced budget by June 30, the Recommended Budget and tax rates take effect by default.