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FY2017 Approved Public Investment Plans (PIPs)

Mayor Barry, along with a panel including Finance Director Talia Lomax-O’dneal, Chief Operating Officer Rich Riebeling, Director of Innovation Nancy Shapiro, and Michael Burcham, CEO of Narus Health and founding President of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center reviewed and critiqued Public Investment Plans (PIPs) as presented by Metro departments and agencies. PIPs are an innovative new way of approaching budgeting that has challenged Metro departments and agencies to think creatively about how they can collaborate on citizen-centered pilot initiatives. The following are PIPs that have been approved for FY2017:

Animal Welfare

$100,000 will be made available for additional spay and neuter services in FY2017. This very collaborative proposal represents an effort to place every healthy or treatable animal in a home. Animal Welfare Panel Review Video

Capital Improvements Planning

$175,200 of operating funds will be allocated in the Mayor’s budget proposal. Due to rapid growth, it is increasingly important to coordinate capital investments and tie them to an overarching responsible growth strategy. This investment will help Metro to align with the NashvilleNext plan for growth and preservation, better coordinate infrastructure work and maintenance, and provide greater synchronization with Metro Council and the public at-large. Capital Improvements Planning Review Panel Video

Constituent Relationship Program (CRM)

$1,466,000 will be included in the Mayor’s budget proposal for capital funds to implement the new CRM. This PIP furthers the goral of ensuring that every person has the opportunity to participate in government and that every department within government has the ability to communicate between agencies. The CRM will facilitate that two-way communication both within and outside of government. Constituent Relationship Program Panel Review Video

E-Filing and Document Management System (DMS)

$750,000 will be made available in FY2017 to modernize the functions of the court and make court processes more efficient. E-Filing and Document Management System Panel Review Video

Food System Development

The food system assessment will be funded through the Innovation Investment Fund in FY2017. Funding for future years will be evaluated as results from this study are made available. Food System Development Panel Review Video

Nashville Construction Readiness Partnership

$625,000 in operating funds will be included in the Mayor’s FY2017 budget proposal to help to increase the qualified, trained and skilled workforce in Nashville and ensure that future construction projects have a higher percentage of Nashvillians on the job and low-income workers have increases opportunities to secure employment. Nashville Construction Readiness Partnership Panel Review Video

Minority Enterprises Study

As proposed, this seeks to study minority business enterprises in Nashville to improve services provided to minority business enterprises that will spur their growth. Minority Enterprises Study Panel Review Video

NECAT City Service

$50,000 will be made available in the FY2017 budget proposal for matching grant funds in order for NECAT to provide educational programming for the entire community. The collaborative proposal included partners such as the Mayor’s Office of New Americans and the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute in order to make more programming available for non-English speakers. The committee also encourages the continuation of work with MNPS academies to train students on NECAT equipment. NECAT Panel Review Video

Pay for Success – High Quality Pre-K

This PIP has been approved for funding in the FY2017 budget proposal. This PIP is ongoing, and the financial commitments may change over time, so the revenue source will be the newly created Metro Innovation Investment Fund. Pay for Success Panel Review Video

Restorative Justice and the Arts

$88,800 will be made available for implementation of this program, which connects Metro Arts and the Juvenile Court, and aligns with the Mayor’s youth priority. This proposal will allow Metro to take a more holistic approach to juvenile justice. Restorative Justice and the Arts Panel Review Video

Special Event/Parking Program

$53,700 in operating funds will be allocated in the Mayor’s FY2017 budget proposal to address parking around municipally owned venues. Special Event/Parking Program Panel Review Video

Steering Clear – A Driver’s License Diversion Program

This proposal does not require funding for FY2017. The process for reinstating a driver’s license is both complicated and expensive, and the initial planning year will include further exploration of public/private partnerships to accomplish the goal of reducing the cost burden associated with reinstating driver’s licenses and increasing efficiency of the process. Steering Clear Panel Review Video

Strategic Budgeting and Innovation Project

This PIP addresses changes to the budget process in order to make it more citizen centered, capitalizing on the changes made for the FY2017 process to ensure future ones are connected to community priorities and accessible to the public. As proposed, this will make budget and performance data available to citizens and ensure departments are held accountable for resource allocation. Strategic Budgeting and Innovation Project Panel Review Video

The Bridge

This PIP has been approved for funding through the Innovation Investment Fund, and FY2017 resources will be dedicated to the evaluation and planning to further illuminate the details of the PIP, as well as funding needs. The Bridge, as proposed, would create a temporary housing facility for non-detainable youth in need. The Bridge Panel Review Video