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Budget at Work: Infrastructure and Transportation

Greenway System

In addition to the recreation opportunities offered by the 87 miles (and growing) of greenway trails throughout Davidson County, they also provide an alternative method of transportation to residents and visitors alike. People are able to use the greenways to safely walk and bike in their daily lives instead of vehicle based transportation. Metro Parks' ten year master plan, Plan to Play, identifies specific corridors for further development of the Greenway system with a goal of connecting parks and neighborhoods, in addition to the traditional focus on routes that follow the rivers and streams. Additional benefits of the greenways are found in the health and wellness benefits for users and environmental benefits for the community at large.

Significant expansions of the system that are currently in progress are the 440 Greenway and a connection from the existing greenway to Opry Mills. In fiscal year 2018 parks and recreation received $40 million from the Metro general fund for operating expenses in addition to community donation funds and grant funding.

Visit Metro Greenways for more information.

Public Works Updates

The Metro Public Works Call Center has been converted into the hubNashville Contact Center. This comes after collaboration with the Mayor's Office, Metro Council Office, and Information Technology Services Department launched the hubNashville system.The hubNashville is a wide-ranging customer service call center, which allows citizens to voice various concerns with the appropriate Metro Government representatives.

Residents can report issues such as potholes and noise violations through hubNashville, either by phone or online, and hubNashville operators answer questions directly, provide feedback, and help direct customers to the appropriate Metro department. Users can also go to the hubNashville's website to track their request's progress, and updates are emailed to registered visitors. The system accommodates both English and Spanish-speaking community members, and the hubNashville home page shows users quick links to information about most popular searches and most requested services.

To report issues within Metro Nashville and Davidson County, please dail 311 or 615-862-5000. Issues can also be reported online via Fiscal Year 2018 also marks Metro Nashville's first glass bottle recycling initiative. So far 20 restaurants and live music establishments on Lower Broadway are participating in the first phase of the program. Public Works will be picking up glass bottles twice a day, every day of the week.

Water and Sewer Services Updates

The 2018 Consumer Confidence Report has been released. This report shows that the water in Metro Nashville and Davidson County not only meets but exceeds the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and all other state and federal requirements. 2017 special recognitions include:

  • Engineering Excellence Honor Award for Water Treatment Plant Disinfection Improvements
  • Engineering Excellence Honor Award for Chemical Feed Upgrade and Miscellaneous Plan Improvements
  • Engineering Excellence Grand Award for Renovation of the Historic George Reyer Pump Station and Omohundro Boiler House
  • Construction Award of Excellence for Restoration and Renovation of the Historic George Reyer Pump Station and Omohundro Boiler House