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Direct Appropriation Resource Site - Frequently Asked Questions 

My agency received an appropriation for the current Fiscal Year, how do I ensure that we will receive one in subsequent years?

The Direct Appropriation process occurs annually. It is important to adhere to all guidelines set forth in the present contract, expending the funds as noted in the Spending Plan, and have no findings of noncompliance associated with the monitoring visit by the Office of Financial Accountability. It is a good idea to make certain that your agency is able to provide information as to the successes that it has produced for this year.

The required information has been submitted. What will happen next?

Please visit Direct Appropriation Process-At-Glance

I submitted the invoice for payment. When can my agency expect a payment?

Once the invoice has been received by Metro Payment Services, it will be promptly reviewed and scanned into the electronic approval and payment system.  The payment is usually deposited into your bank account within approximately 15 business days.

It looks as though my agency is not able to expend the funding as initially noted in the Spending Plan. How Do I revise the Spending Plan?

Revisions which amount to less than 10% of any line on the Spending Plan will not require pre-approval, notwithstanding all revisions are subject to Metro’s review and approval. The recipient shall notify the Division of Grants Coordination of Spending Plan revisions prior to submitting the invoice in which the deviation occurs to Metro Payment Services. For Spending Plan revisions greater than 10% of any line on the Spending Plan, the Spending Plan Revision Letter should be completed and sent with the Revised Spending Plan Form to Vaughn Wilson at the address listed below. Future invoices sent to Metro Payment Services should reflect the revisions.

Can I pick up my agency’s check instead of waiting for it to be delivered by mail?

No. Most payments are made electronically, however for obvious security reasons and due to the quantity of business administered by Metro Treasury Department, it is not feasible or cost effective to pull certain checks.

I am the secretary for my organization. Can I sign the contract?

No. The contract may only be signed by the Board Chair or Board President of your organization.

Contact Grants Coordination

Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County
Department of Finance
Division of Grants Coordination
700 2nd Avenue South, Suite 201
P.O. Box 196300
Nashville, TN 37219-6300