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Capital Improvement Budget and Capital Spending Plan

Capital Improvement Budget (CIB)

The Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) is a plan of proposed expenditures for capital projects and the means of financing them. The financial document outlines potential projects over a 5-year horizon allowing decision makers to determine a schedule which is fiscally and administratively practical. The CIB does not appropriate funds, but instead identifies those projects that are eligible for consideration of funding in the Capital Spending Plan. The CIB is submitted annually by Metro agencies and the Metro administration on May 15th and approved by the Metro Council on June 15th.

Capital Improvement Budget Documents:

Capital Spending Plan

The Capital Spending Plan is the Mayor's recommendation of capital project requests from the CIB that the Administration would like to see approved and financed. There is no mandate in the Metro Charter for an annual spending plan so it can be submitted when the Mayor desires. After approval of the Capital Spending Plan by Council, Division of Accounts sets up the new capital accounts and the capital budget is loaded and the departments are notified that proposals, contracts, and capital expenditures can commence.

Capital Spending Plan Documents: