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Livability - Vital Signs

American flag in a residential areaEnsuring a good quality of life is one of the fundamental responsibilities of local government. A city's livability encompasses everything from public health to the conditions of our streets, and from the cleanliness of our neighborhoods to the quality and safety of our water. From creative public art installations to an expansive library system, Nashville is positioning itself as the “it” city of the South. Below you will find performance information for those departments that enhance Nashville and Davidson County's quality of life.

Measure Source 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Community Arts grant funding Arts Commission $1,987,100 $1,887,100 $1,857,100 $1,867,100 $1,890,200
Number of Public Art installations Arts Commission 8 3 5 10 8
Number of library system checkouts Public Library 4,148,419 4,208,363 4,340,657 4,368,494 4,663,347
Number of material checked out to Metro Nashville Public School System Public Library 345* 7,657 44,874 102,924 130,786
Number of linear feet of sidewalk constructed Public Works 168,673 47,866 22,400 71,391 67,013
Tons of recyclables and household hazardous waste Public Works 58,658 67,846 61,351 22,689 54,340
Percentage of newly issued code violations corrected Codes Administration 75% 76% 83% 81% 81%
Percentage change in substandard properties brought into compliance as a direct result of departmental intervention Codes Administration 81% 80% 80% 80% 75%

For more information on Metro's Performance, please contact Dustin Owens at 615-880-2117 or contact the department directly.