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Educate Your Staff

See what other Metro managers are saying about how they educate their staff on the strategy of their organization... Or to post a question or tip that you, as a manager, find useful – read a blog where new topics are posted so Metro managers and staff can comment/provide feedback about the question/topic.

I want to find my department’s strategic plan

What are Metro Nashville departments/organizations doing?

I want to read a quick and easy way to demonstrate to your staff where they fit within the organization and how their work contributes to the mission, goals performance of your organization

Here are the basic steps to take to educate your staff about how they contribute to the success of the organization beginning on their first day

What are other organizations doing?

Organizations have found it to be helpful to ask each functional area to identify how they contribute to achieving the overall strategic plan ("functional area" designating whatever natural units exist in the organization-functions, geographies, business units, etc.). Armed with the strategic map, operational definitions and the overall organizational strategic performance measures, each functional area creates their own map of success and defines their own specific performance measures. They can follow the model outlined above starting with their own SWOT analysis.

Watch a short video to share with your staff and learn what a SWOT analysis is and how it can be a used to create a meaningful strategic business plan.

Bob Behn's Top 8 Reasons for Measuring Performance and the value of having Multiple Performance Measures.