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Motivate Your Staff

What are other Metro Nashville departments/organizations doing?

I want to find my department’s strategic plan

What are other governments doing?

Meet Freddy the Finger and see how Austin, TX used Freddy to save lives by reminding residents to maintain their residential smoke detectors

What is the private sector doing?

The saying "A picture is worth 1,000 words holds true in an example from Cedars-Sinai Hospital where they were having a little trouble reaching their goal of 100% of doctors washing their hands. One picture drove the message home.

What are other organizations doing?

Watch a YouTube video by RAS animation to find out what REALLY motivates your staff . . And it’s not always money!

Tips on how to run a meeting “Johnny Carson” style

Read a short article that provides tips on and specific examples of how to motivate your staff to achieve their goals

Take a quick look at Bob Behn's take on how to motivate your staff towards achieving the goals of the organization, and while you're at it, read about how a journey to the top of Tuckerman’s Ravine taught Bob a few important lessons about motivation and success.