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Revising Your Organization's Strategy

The way to guarantee more feedback from staff is to let them know it was informative and useful in updating the organization's strategic business plan.

Step by step guide to gathering feedback from your staff about what worked and what didn’t during the past year

Sample e-mail text and sample talking points to communicate to your staff how their input was used to make improvements

What are other Metro Nashville departments/organizations doing?

I want to find a department’s strategic plan.

Check out how the state of Louisiana revises their Strategic Plan

What is the private sector doing?

The My Strategic Plan web site has a 5 minute video from about how to conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis to ensure your organization’s strategy.

The My Strategic Plan web site provides additional information to help you prepare for the SWOT analysis.

After your organization has completed your SWOT analysis, watch a video on how to put it to work for your organization!

What are other organizations doing?

Make sure your organization's strategic business plan remains current and relevant by avoiding the Performance Treadmill