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Office of the Treasurer

The Metropolitan Treasurer is a position established by the Metropolitan Charter to supervise and be responsible for the custody and disbursement of all funds belonging to the metropolitan government and all funds handled by metropolitan government officers as agents or trustees except as otherwise provided in the Charter or by ordinance or general law not inconsistent with the Charter.

The Collections Officer is a position established by the Metropolitan Charter to collect and receive all revenues, income and moneys due the metropolitan government accruing to the urban services district, the general services district, or any other source, except as otherwise provided for by other parts of the Charter, by ordinance, or by the general law.

The four major areas of responsibility within the Office of the Treasurer are:

Fuel Hedging Program

Metro has established a fuel hedging program to help manage the budgetary impact of diesel and gasoline cost. Information on the program is provided in this section.

Fuel Hedging Reports

Contact Information

Mr. Tom Eddlemon
Metropolitan Treasurer

Metro Nashville Office of the Treasurer
700 2nd Avenue South, Suite 205
Nashville, TN 37210

Mailing Address
Metro Nashville Office of the Treasurer
P. O. Box 196300
Nashville, TN 37219-6300

Please note that the USPS will only deliver to the P. O. Box. Items sent by U. S. mail to our street address will not be delivered.

Accessibility Accommodations

For an ADA accommodation, please contact Kimberly Northern at 615-880-1710 or by email at