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Equal Business Opportunity Program

The Equal Business Opportunity Program is a procurement based race and gender conscious program designed to increase purchases from minorities and women. It was put into effect by ordinance BL2018-1419 in January 2019. The ordinance is strongly supported by the Mayor's Office.

This race and gender conscious program strives to promote equal opportunity, accountability and to ensure that the City does not passively participate in private discrimination. This is done by creating subcontracting participation goals. This does not replace the existing small business program.

Equal Business Opportunity Program Aspirational Goals

Fiscal Years 2020-2024

Per Metro Code 4.46.020 and 4.46.060.A, aspirational goals are to be based upon the Minority Owned Business Enterprise/Woman Owned Business Enterprise availability and utilization data collected and analyzed every 5 years as part of a duly authorized disparity study. The annual aspirational goal is not to be applied to individual contracts, but rather, is intended to serve as a benchmark against which to measure the overall effectiveness of the Equal Business Opportunity Program on an annual basis, and to gauge the need for future adjustments to the mix and to the aggressiveness of various remedies being applied under the program.

Goals of Participation For Service Type
Program Construction Architecture and Engineering Professional Services Non-Professional Services Goods
Minority Owned Business 13% 13% 24% 23% 10%
Woman Owned Business 12% 15% 16% 16% 11%

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