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Small Business and Services Disabled Veteran Business Assistance

The purpose of the Metro Small Business and Service Disable Veteran Owned Business Program is to stimulate economic growth by preparing and developing small and service disabled veteran owned businesses so that they can participate effectively in City procurements and become positive contributors to the Nashville economy.

There is a tangible benefit to being an approved Small or Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business with Metro. The Metro Procurement Code and Regulations authorize the Purchasing Agent to include a cost incentive to maximize the participation and performance of Metro approved SBE/SDV businesses. If the Offeror is an SBE/SDV business, Metro considers the work the SBE/SDV firm commits to self-perform. If the work is subcontracted or otherwise procured, only the work performed by a Metro approved SBE/SDV subcontractor or supplier may be considered for the purposes of award incentive.

Some solicitations are the result of an SBE/SDV set-aside. In those cases only approved SBE/SDV firms may submit an offer. The solicitation will state in the opening description if it is an SBE/SDV set-aside solicitation. If an SBE/SDV threshold has been established only offers that meet the established threshold will be eligible for SBE/SDV cost incentives. Incentive consideration, if included, is calculated on a pro rata basis for those offers in excess of the established threshold. If the solicitation states a required SBE/SDV participation level, then only those offerors committing to achieve or exceed the established amount will be considered responsive to the solicitation. The solicitation will not contain an SBE/SDV cost incentive. BUSINESSES SHOULD ALWAYS BE SURE TO READ THE SOLICITATION TO UNDERSTAND EXACTLY HOW METRO WILL INCENT THE MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION OF SBES AND SDVS.

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