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Small Business Eligibility and Status Confirmation

Business Assistance Office logoThe Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (Metro) uses a small business status confirmation process designed to ascertain the status of businesses seeking to do business with Metro as small businesses.

Metro’s Small Business Standards

In the past, in order to be considered a small business with Metro, a supplier filled out and submitted a Small Business Affidavit. The Small Business Status Confirmation process requires registration in Metro’s Supplier Management System as well as the submission of additional documentation to confirm small business status.This process helps to ensure that businesses who seek to claim small business status to participate and receive small business incentives are indeed small businesses according to Metro’s Procurement Code.

The information required to be classified as a small business by the Metropolitan Government includes:

  • A letter of affirmation on the company letter head and signed by a principle of the business seeking small business status (please review the eligibility standards to determine which Industry class is applicable to your company and include it in the appropriate space in the letter of affirmation. Please only choose an industry listed in the eligibility standards or your small business approval review may be delayed.)
  • The supplier’s two (2) most recently submitted business tax returns (only one year is required for those seeking renewal status as a small business).
  • The supplier’s two (2) most recently submitted quarters of IRS 941 tax forms (more quarters may be requested). Please do not upload these documents into the iSupplier system.

Small business status must be approved before the bid or proposal is due, not the day it is released (hits the street). While we commit to having documents reviewed and status granted within two business days of receipt of the necessary documentation, to be safe, get documents in no later than four days before the bid/proposal is due to allow time for status to be granted.

The Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance Office within the Purchasing Division of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County is responsible for managing this process.

If you have already registered with Metro and are seeking small business status, you must submit the additional information to us using one of the submission methods below:

Submission Information

Documents for Small Business Status confirmation may be submitted using one of the following methods:

Submit By Mail

Metro Business Assistance Office
PO Box 196300
Nashville, TN 37210-2006

Submit by Hand Delivery

730 2nd Avenue South
Suite 112
Nashville, TN 37210-2006

Submit by Secure Email

Submit by Secure FAX


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