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Monthly Council Reports

Monthly a report is provided to the Metro Council identifying key information on awards as prescribed by M.C.L. § 4.04.080, Procurement contract reports to be submitted to the council. The information includes, at a minimum:

  1. The name of the contractor or vendor to whom the contract was awarded.
  2. The total amount of the contract.
  3. The payment terms of the contract.
  4. A description of the goods and/or services to be provided.
  5. The name of all bidders/offerors, and the amount of each bid or offer.

In the case of Invitations to Bid, the award is based on the lowest priced offer from a responsive and responsible bidder. The summary of bidders will show the bids upon which the award was based. It will not have a score since this is a cost bid. The only modifiers are small and service disabled veteran business participation.

Requests for Proposal will appear the same but may only reveal the scores. While cost is a selection criterion for all but Architectural and Engineering contracts, it is not the only criteria for selection. Quality, experience, functional requirements,business plan, risk mitigation, small and service disabled veteran business participation and sustainability are all some of the possible criteria. The outreach for minority-owned and woman-owned businesses is a requirement for proposals if there is minority-own and woman-owned business availability.

Monthly Council Report

Purchasing Key Performance Indicators Reports

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are objective performance outcomes upon which the discipline, and each individual staff member, is evaluated.

They measure the volume and types of solicitations conducted by the Purchasing Office, The transaction volume, recycled paper performance, and the key measure for the office, cost savings. There are three types of cost savings. Cost Savings is where the same item/service has been purchased previously and is repurchased but at a lower cost. Several methodologies can be engaged to achieve these hard dollar savings. The second type is budgeted savings where the department has not purchased the items or services previously but has developed a budget based on forecasted expenditures. Where there is no established baseline cost. Savings can only be achieved against the budget. While not true hard dollars,these savings have the same effect, the saved dollars are now available to the department to improve/expand their service to the city. Finally, negotiated savings, these can only take place on proposals, sole source purchases or bids from a single bidder. Metro enters into negotiations with the offer to reduce the initial cost without sacrificing quality or time.

Purchasing Key Performance Indicators Reports

Business Assistance Office Key Performance Indicator Reports

The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) report for the Business Assistance Office measures performance as it relates to minority-owned, woman-owned, service disabled veteran-owned and small business participation. The report is an extensive set of metrics that are reviewed to measure effectiveness and redefine incentives. The bi-annual benchmarking for these firms is one of the strategic efforts in analyzing the data found in these reports.

Business Assistance Office Key Performance Indicators Reports

Delegated Purchasing Reports

The delegated purchasing authority is defined in M.C.L. § 4.08.060, Delegation of authority by the purchasing agent. A listing of letters of delegation and authority levels can be found at:

Delegated Purchasing Reports

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