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Protest of Solicitation/Award Procedure

Any potential contractor may protest a procurement solicitation/award if they feel they have been wronged in the solicitation process. However, this must be filed with the Chief Procurement Officer (Purchasing Agent) within ten (10) days of the award or awareness of the perceived impropriety. Except in cases where it is in the Best Interests of Metro, the solicitation process will be stayed until resolution of the protest.

The content of the protest letter is not well defined in the Code. However, it is necessary to identify specifically what action, process, specification, and/or ambiguity serves as the basis of the claim. Additionally, the firm filing the protest should identify the remedy they are seeking to rectify the claim issue. Generally, the basis for these protests are procedural concerns ,such as the failure to comply with the solicitation process as outlined in the RFQ, the Procurement Regulations, or more serious a violation of Metro's Code of Law.

The Chief Procurement Officer (Purchasing Agent) has authority to hear and deliver a decision on the Protest.

This information is a brief and layman's summary of the processes. Please refer to the Metropolitan Code and Procurement Regulations for official information on these administrative rights.

Appeal of the Purchasing Agent's Protest Decision

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