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Appeal of the Purchasing Agent’s Protest Decision

The Protest Decision of the Chief Procurement Officer (Purchasing Agent) may be appealed within seven (7) days of the decision to the Appeals Board. The notice of appeal must be either mailed via U.S. Mail or hand-delivered to the Office of the Director of Finance and the Chief Procurement Officer (Purchasing Agent) prominently stating “Notice of Appeal”.

All hearings and other meetings of the board shall be noticed to all parties to the appeal and to the public, and shall be open meetings as required by law.

A written decision will be issued by the Board which states the extent to which, the decision by the Purchasing Agent was in accordance with the Constitution, statutes, the Metropolitan Code, regulations, the terms and conditions of the solicitation, the best interest of the Metropolitan Government, and was fair.

This information is a brief and layman’s summary of the processes. Please refer to the Metropolitan Code & Procurement Regulations for official information on these administrative rights.

Procurement Appeals Board Rules and Amendment One

Appeals Board Members