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Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are non-negotiable for POs originating from departmental quotes, POs issued in response to Invitations to Bid (ITB) or Requests for Proposals (RFP) where no formal contract was developed. If the Purchase Order is issued as a release against a filed Contract, the contract’s terms and conditions shall govern. Otherwise, the submission of a bid or proposal is a formal acceptance by the supplier of Metro’s Standard Terms and Conditions.

  1. GENERAL: The terms and conditions of this purchase order must not be changed by Supplier. If the Metro purchase order, in response to your offer, is not acceptable, return to Metropolitan Government Procurement Division. Failure to deliver or to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this purchase order or any contract or ITB upon which this purchase order is based, may disqualify the Supplier, and may result in the cancellation of this purchase order, ITB or contract and damages being charged to the Supplier. Suspension and Debarment may also be determined by the purchasing agent to be warranted.
  2. QUALITY: All goods or services furnished pursuant to this purchase order must be specified, and subject to the approval and inspection of the Metropolitan Government within a reasonable time after delivery at destination. Variations in goods or services from those specified in this purchase order must not be made without written authority from the purchasing agent. Goods rejected will be returned at the Supplier's risk and expense.
  3. QUANTITY PRICE: The quantity of goods ordered or the price specified must not be exceeded without authority being first obtained from the purchasing agent. No industry standard of “plus or minus X%” will be honored unless permitted in the solicitation and the offer in response to the Metro Nashville solicitation so notes.
  4. PACKAGING: Damage to any goods received will result in rejection of the shipment. The goods will not be returned unless supplier assumes return shipment expenses. Packages must be marked plainly and with shipper's name and Metropolitan Government purchase order number. No charges shall be allowed for boxing or crating unless previously agreed upon in writing.
  5. DELIVERY: All goods must be shipped F.O.B. Destination, Freight Prepaid by Seller, Inside Delivery unless otherwise specified in the response offer to the Metro Nashville solicitation, contract or this purchase order. The Supplier assumes all risks and responsibility for freight charges, bears the freight expense, owns the goods in transit, and files transportation claims if warranted. Metropolitan Government will pay no freight or expense charges except by previous agreement in writing. Deliveries must be affected within the time stated on the ITB, contract or purchase order. Deliveries shall be made between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday unless otherwise stated. In case of default by the Supplier, the Metropolitan Government may procure the articles or services covered by this order from other sources and hold the Supplier responsible for any excess expense occasioned thereby.
  6. PAYMENT: All payments are made by established ACH. To ensure timely receipt of payment, clearly reference the Purchase Order on the Invoice. Only one purchase order may be referenced on an invoice although there may be multiple invoices referencing the same PO number if there are multiple shipments or multiple milestone payments on a PO.
  7. PROPER INVOICE: For an invoice to be a proper invoice, the requirements shall be set as forth in the agreement or contract governing the purchase; however, in addition, no invoice submitted by Supplier shall be considered a proper invoice unless the invoice is an original invoice, is delivered to the Metropolitan Government in accordance with the purchase order, and sets forth the following and additional information:
    • The Metropolitan Government purchase order number, and the invoice shall correlate to the Metropolitan Government's purchase order number under which the purchase was made;
    • The name of the business organization that is cited in the Metropolitan Government purchase order;
    • The date of its preparation;
    • An identifying number to facilitate identification of the invoice;
    • The Supplier's federal identification number;
    • A description of the goods or services or property provided to the Metropolitan Government;
    • The Metropolitan Government's part or item number for each item or part delivered;
    • The delivery terms set forth within the Metropolitan Government purchase order;
    • The location and date of delivery of the goods, services, or property to the Metropolitan Government;
    • The quantity of the goods, services, or property provided to the Metropolitan Government referencing the same unit of measure as the Metro Nashville PO;
    • The unit price of the goods, services, or property provided to the Metropolitan Government matching the unit price on the Metro Nashville PO;
    • No additional shipping costs or fuel surcharges unless permitted in the solicitation, provided in the bid response, and included in the line descriptions of the PO.
    • The extended total price of the goods, services, or property provided to the Metropolitan Government based on the PO unit(s) of measure; and
    • Applicable discounts.
  8. SUPPLIER SELF-SERVICE: Supplier self-service is provided for the ACH payments. It is the Supplier’s responsibility to access Metro’s supplier self-service website.
  9. ASSIGNMENT: The Supplier shall not assign, transfer, convey or otherwise dispose of the purchase order, or the right, title or interest in or to the same of any part thereof, without the prior written consent of the Metropolitan Government (Purchaser), and the Supplier shall not assign by power of attorney or otherwise any of the moneys to become due and payable under the purchase order. Breach of this provision shall be a material breach.
  10. CONTINUOUS SUPPLY: It is understood that it is necessary for the Metropolitan Government (Purchaser) to have a continuous and uninterrupted flow of supplies and materials and the Supplier must furnish and make the deliveries accordingly.
  11. LEGAL COMPLIANCE: The purchase order is subject to all charter and code provisions of the Metropolitan Government (Purchaser). It is hereby agreed that the provisions of all ordinances and resolutions of the Metropolitan Government (Purchaser) relating to Suppliers are hereby made a part of the purchase order.
  12. CANCELATION: Should Supplier fail to fulfill, in a timely and proper manner, its obligations under the purchase order, or if it should violate any of the terms of the purchase order, Metropolitan Government (Purchaser) shall have the right to immediately cancel the purchase order. The Metropolitan Government (Purchaser) may cancel the purchase order at any time, with or without cause, upon sixty (60) days' written notice to Supplier. Should funding for the purchase order be discontinued, Metropolitan Government (Purchaser) shall have the right to cancel the purchase order.
  13. POSSIBLE CURE: Metropolitan Government (Purchaser), at its option, and in lieu of immediate cancellation, may request that the Supplier repair or replace any defective goods by written notice to Supplier. In that event, Supplier shall repair or replace the defective good(s) within thirty (30) days. Exercise of this option shall not relieve Supplier of any liability to Metropolitan Government (Purchaser) for damages sustained by virtue of Supplier's breach.
  14. PO CHANGE: The purchase order may be modified only by PO change amendment executed by all parties. All change orders, where required, shall be executed in accordance with §4.24.020 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws.
  15. REMEDY: No waiver of any provision of the purchase order shall affect the right of any party thereafter to enforce such revision of to exercise any right or remedy available to it in the event of any other default.
  16. ATTORNEY FEES: Supplier agrees that, in the event either party deems it necessary to take legal action to enforce all provisions of the purchase order, and in the event Metropolitan Government (Purchaser) prevails, Supplier shall pay all expenses of such action including Metropolitan Government (Purchaser)'s attorney fees, expert fees and costs at all stages of the legal action.
  17. ENTIRE CONTRACT (PO): The purchase order sets forth the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and shall govern the respective duties and obligations of the parties.
  18. GOVERNING LAW: The validity, construction, and effect of the purchase order, and any and all extensions and/or modifications thereof shall be governed by the laws of the State of Tennessee. Venue in any action arising under this purchase order shall be Davidson County, Tennessee.
  19. SEVERABILITY: Should any provision of the purchase order be declared to be invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be severed and shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the purchase order.
  20. ANTI-TRUST: Supplier, in determining the prices and/or amounts of the purchase order, shall not collude with any other person, firm, corporation, or association in arriving at said prices and/or amounts or in any way violate the terms, conditions, and/or spirit of the provisions of 15 U.S.C. 1 through 7 (Sherman Anti-Trust Act).
  21. ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS: Supplier is entitled to protest to the Purchasing Agent if it is aggrieved in connection with the solicitation or award of a purchase order. Metropolitan Code §§ 4.36.010. Supplier also has the right to appeal the decision of the purchasing agent to the procurement appeals board. Metropolitan Code §§ 4.36.110. This appeal must be filed within seven (7) days of receipt of the Purchasing Agent's decision. Metropolitan Code §§ 4.36.120.
  22. SUSPENSION &/or DEBARMENT: Supplier may appeal the decision of the Purchasing Agent to debar or suspend Supplier from consideration for award of purchase orders or contracts. Metropolitan Code section(s) 4.36.120. This appeal must be filed within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Purchasing Agent's decision.
  23. INDEMNIFICATION: Supplier agrees to indemnify and hold the Metropolitan Government, its officers, agents, and/or employees harmless from and against any and all lawsuits, damages, and expenses, including court costs, expert fees, and attorney's fees, by reason of any claim and/or liability imposed, claimed, and/or threatened against the Metropolitan Government, its officials, agents, and/or employees for damages because of bodily injury, death, and/or property damages arising out of or in consequence of this purchase order to the extent that such bodily injuries, death, and/or property damages are attributable to the acts or omissions of the Supplier and/or the Supplier's officers, agents, and/or employees.
  24. AFFIRMATIONS: Supplier, by accepting and honoring this purchase order, makes the following affirmative declaration and statement as of the date said purchase order is honored, to wit:
    1. Taxes and Licensure. Supplier states that Supplier has all applicable licenses, including business licenses. Affiant states that Supplier is current on its payment of all applicable gross receipt taxes and personal property taxes. M.C.L. §4.20.065.
    2. Nondiscrimination. Supplier affirms that by its employment policy, standards and practices, it does not subscribe to any personnel policy which permits or allows for the promotion, demotion, employment, dismissal or laying off of any individual due to race, creed, color, national origin, age or sex, and are not in violation of, and will not violate, any applicable laws concerning the employment of individuals with disabilities. With regard to all aspects of this contract, Supplier certifies and warrants it will comply with this policy. M.C.L. §4.28.020.
    3. Employment Requirement. Supplier declares that neither the prime, subcontractors, sub-consultants, nor providers of day laborers, employ any person who is not a legal resident of the United States. Any contractor who knowingly violates the provisions of this section is subject to debarment or suspension. M.C.L. 4.40.060.
    4. Contingent Fees. It is a breach of ethical standards for a person to be retained, or to retain a person, to solicit or secure a METRO contract upon an agreement or understanding for a contingent commission, percentage, or brokerage fee, except for retention of bona fide employees or bona fide established commercial selling agencies for the purpose of securing business. The Supplier affirms that they have not retained anyone in violation of the foregoing. M.C.L. §4.48.080.

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