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Public Investment Plans

Due to budget constraints the FY 2019 PIP program is cancelled. For questions, please contact Brian Kelsey at 615-862-6340.

Public Investment Planning is an innovative approach to budgeting, launched in 2016, that challenges Metro departments and agencies to think creatively about how they can collaborate on pilot initiatives to better serve Nashville-Davidson County residents.


In 2016, Mayor Barry challenged Metro Departments to take a more entrepreneurial approach to the budget process. Instead of budgeting primarily through incremental changes to existing programs, Metro Departments were invited to propose innovative new approaches to addressing community priorities in the form of Public Investment Plans (PIPs). PIPs were designed as vehicles for interdepartmental teams, working in partnership with community based organizations and the private sector, to identify pilot project opportunities and compete for funding in pitch competitions at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. To date, PIP investment has totaled approximately $8.5 million.

Application Process

How much funding is available?

The Mayor will recommend a funding value that can vary from year to year.

Is there a limit on the amount of funding we can apply for?

You can submit proposals for up to the maximum funding amount available. However, the evaluation committee expects to make multiple awards, and may offer partial funding at its discretion.

How do we apply?

Here are the steps to apply:

  1. Form a proposal team and send a mandatory notice of intent to apply email to Brian Kelsey at by a specified date for the fiscal year. The email should include the following information: (1) Metro department sponsor; (2) a list of all organizations participating in the proposal team; and (3) email and phone number of the primary point of contact. It is not necessary to describe your proposal in this notification email.
  2. Download and read the FY 2018 PIP Workshop PowerPoint Presentation and watch the PIP Workshop Presentation Video. Disregard the PIP Categories on Slide 4 and the timeline on Slide 31. We are no longer using categories. Otherwise, the guidance on developing successful applications (i.e. Slides 5-30) is the same.
  3. Submit electronic copies of the completed PIP Proposal Form and pitch deck (PowerPoint of similar format) to Brian Kelsey at by the specified date for the fiscal year.
  4. Pitch your proposal to the evaluation committee during the week specified by the committee. You will have ten minutes to make your pitch, followed by approximately ten minutes of Q&A with the evaluation committee. The ten-minute time limit will be strictly enforced. Pitch day will be open to the public and recorded for posting to the Metro Nashville YouTube channel.

When will applicants be notified of awards?

PIP awards will be included in the Mayor's Recommended Budget, submitted to Metro Council in May. Awards are not final until Metro Council passes the budget ordinances, and the Mayor signs the budget ordinances into law, with a June 30 deadline each year.

Can non-Metro organizations submit PIP proposals?

Non-Metro organizations-local non-profits, businesses, private individuals-are encouraged to participate in the PIP program, but must be part of a PIP proposal team led by a Metro agency or department. PIP funding is awarded to Metro agencies and departments as lead conveners, not directly to non-Metro organizations. Public-private collaboration is strongly encouraged. Private sector matching funds for PIP investments will be considered among the evaluation criteria.

How will PIP proposals be scored?

Proposals can receive a total of 100 possible points, 10 per question on the PIP proposal form.

Who will serve on the evaluation committee?

Evaluation committee members may vary, but may include the Mayor, the Chief Operating Officer, the Finance Director, and an expert businessperson.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

You can contact Brian Kelsey at or 615-862-6340.

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