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Constituent Relationship Management Public Investment Plan (2017)


Lonnell Matthews and Keith Durbin

Project Description

Numerous Nashvillians are disconnected from their Metro Government and lack the ability to have their concerns directed to the proper agencies and departments that can best help them. Nashville’s population is growing at an estimated average rate of 80 new residents a day, many of whom are millennials. Metro needs an efficient and responsive program, with appropriate technology as a key component, to effectively provide services and information to an ever-growing, diverse, often tech-savvy population.

Today there is no central location for citizens of Davidson County to understand or access Metro Government services, and the customer service experience provided by Metro departments and agencies is not uniform. The processes we use today to address resident inquiries and requests are not widely viewed as transparent or accountable. Nashvillians are not always informed when a complaint has been resolved or why there is a delay in resolution.

Under our current reporting system, the following opportunities for improvement are observed:

  • Lack of consistency in transparency, employee customer service attitude/training and departmental follow-up for service requests.
  • Current systems used by different departments are mostly siloed and don’t communicate, which impacts available information regarding progress of repairs, resolution, works in progress, opportunities for collaboration, etc.
  • Repetition of reported issues and lack of consistent response, among departments and to constituents.
  • Constituents are not always given an accurate response to advise them of issue status or resolution.
  • Difficult to track recurring issues across multiple systems, therefore unable to pinpoint repetitive themes involving more than one department.
  • Service request data is not collected by all departments.
  • Ease of access to government relies on constituents being savvy about who to call or how to find web forms.
  • Finding information about Metro work in neighborhoods (such as road or sidewalk repair) is often difficult and requires contact to multiple departments.
  • Different points of contact can lead to different answers to the same question.

Quarterly Reports

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