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E-Filing and Document Management System Public Investment Plan (2017)


Howard Gentry, Jr., Criminal Court Clerk

Project Description

Davidson County currently houses, processes, and retrieves more court related documents than any other county in Tennessee. Many records in archives date back to the 19th century for the Criminal Courts and many juvenile records date back to the early 20th century. As the official custodian of the record, we are required to maintain, track and locate files throughout the court process, as well as locate the files upon completion of court. Each case file is touched numerous times from initial appearance through final disposition and there is always an opportunity for a file to be misplaced. Namely, the files are touched by judges, lawyers, judicial officers, clerks, the media, bondsmen, and the public. Due to the volume in the courts, it is also imperative that we protect the case files from destruction by an intentional act or by natural disaster (i.e., flood, fire, etc.).

Metro Government is rapidly running out of storage space to store documents. The various court systems in Davidson County are generating a lot of excess paper via court filings, which contribute to files that have to be maintained and warehoused, in many instances on an indefinite schedule. Also, our experience from the 2010 flood highlighted the importance of having the capability to reproduce documents electronically. For example, the Juvenile Court Clerk’s office alone spent $1,186,427.00 in document restoration for approximately 25% of the files which were damaged by flood waters. A few quick points to consider below:

  • The volume of documents demands a great need of costly physical space in which to be stored
  • The files are stored in several locations making retrieval tedious, time consuming, and costly
  • If a document is incorrectly filed, and can be lost forever
  • If a document or file is in someone’s possession, no one else has access to it
  • Paper documents are at risk of being misplaced
  • Paper documents deteriorate over time
  • Paper documents are at risk of being damaged or destroyed by disaster
  • There are no backups of paper files

Quarterly Reports

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