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Music City Community Court Public Investment Plan (2018)


Judge Rachel L. Bell

Project Purpose

In the five short years since its inception in 2012, the Music City Community Court (MCCC) has played a major role in providing a variety of resources to the ex-offender population to aid them in successful re-entry back to society. It also provides diversionary and preventive programs and partnerships that provide youth with structured platforms that assist with decreasing and eliminating interactions with the criminal justice court system.

A priority for the program is funding for staff so that the program can be offered not only to the youth and ex-offender populations but to all citizens of Davidson County. Currently, the program has relied on volunteers to execute its mission. This has caused limited continuity for the participants whose success depends on the resources of the program. Funding will give this program the full-time staff needed to take it out of the pilot phase and onto the next level of implementation. It will also provide the manpower needed to diversify our funding streams. We believe that the program is consistent with several of the Mayor’s priority areas and will provide opportunities for healthy living for all residents of our growing city.

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