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Pay for Success - High Quality Pre-K Public Investment Plan (2017)


Laura Moore

Project Description

The purpose of our PIP is to support the development costs associated with implementing Pay for Success to increase the number of high quality Pre-K seats in Davidson County.

Research shows that the achievement gap happens long before children begin school. By the time children are 18 months, differences that fall along racial and socioeconomic lines surface – and widen throughout a child’s educational career. To ensure that all children have an equal opportunity for success, it is crucial to ensure they have access to high quality Pre-K. While Davidson County currently offers Pre-K, there are not enough seats to meet the need. There are 1,821 4-year olds who have sought out Pre-K, but could not be accommodated, according to the Metro Nashville Public Schools’ 2015-16 first semester waitlist. Additionally, quality of options is paramount to our work. Last fall, Vanderbilt University released a study that highlighted that while students in the state’s Voluntary Pre-K program were better prepared for kindergarten than their peers who had not attended the program, by the end of third grade, children who had participated in the program scored lower on more of the measures. To address the issues of need and quality, our team is actively exploring the role of Pay for Success to create additional high quality Pre-K seats for children in Davidson County.

Quarterly Reports

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