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Special Event Parking Program Public Investment Plan (2017)


Monica Fawknotson, Sports Authority

Project Description

This investment plan addresses special event inefficiencies at Nissan Stadium and its surrounding areas including Cumberland Park, The Bridge Building, & Ascend Amphitheater. Over the past 3 years the number of Sports Authority events at Nissan Stadium has increased by 177%. This does not include Metro Parks, Titans, Ascend Amphitheater or Bridge Building events. No longer can we afford to treat our civic event/special events as a side project. As more and more people work and play downtown, these events require our full attention. The challenge is to smartly and effectively provide parking and event space for our users so as to increase both public enjoyment of the area and parking revenue. Historically, communication & planning between the many stakeholders of the area (Sports Authority, Titans, Public Works, Metro Parks, Bridge Building Tenants, Nashville Downtown Partnership, Ascend Amphitheater, State of TN) has been a real challenge. When the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, it is our event organizers and the public who pay the price.

Quarterly Reports

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