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Fire Codes Plans Review

The Fire Marshal's office conducts a plans review for life safety plans and sprinkler plans when sprinklers are required. Plans review submittals begin as the Codes Department at the Metro Office Building. This office is located at 200 2nd Ave North. For smaller projects, you may be able to complete the process in one day at the One Stop Shop on the 1st floor. For larger projects, we recommend the Electronic Review Process. The Fire Department is just one step in the process. Approval in our department does not give approval to all departments.

  • Small Project / Tenant Finish Out
  • Large Project / New Construction
    • All new construction is required to have fire flow data. The fire flow data chart is based on construction type and square footage only. There may be additional requirements depending on occupancy.
    • Water Flow Chart
  • Single Family Construction Requirements
  • Commercial Building Construction Requirements
  • Electronic Plans Review