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Fire and Life Safety Inspections

The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for coordinating and conducting fire and life safety inspection services for the City of Nashville/Davidson County. The Inspection Department of Nashville Fire Department inspects the life safety components of new building construction, building remodels, and fire sprinkler & fire alarm systems to ensure compliance with Codes.

Districts Map and Zone Information

Inspections Contacts

Fire Marshals

Name Title Phone Email
Maggie Lawrence Deputy Fire Marshal 615-862-5245

Specialized Inspections/Public Education

Name Title Phone Email
Andrea Eanes Assistant Fire Marshal 615-862-5206
Kandi Solis Fire Inspector - Day Care/Group Homes 615-862-5246
Terresita Burkes Fire Inspector - Zone 6 615-880-2022
Tommy Hayes Hospitals/Nursing Homes 615-862-5283
Michael Figlio Fire Inspector Zone - 2 and 9 615-862-5414
Evante Hall Fire Inspector - Zone 23A 615-862-5247
Dorothy Joecken Fire Inspector - Zone 23B 615-862-5417
Tim Stack Fire Inspector Metro Schools 615-862-5438
Marshall Stanton Fire Inspector Private Schools 615-862-5436

Fire Inspections

Name Title Phone Email
Michael Robinson Assistant Fire Marshal 615-862-5637
Mitzi Bonnell Fire Inspector - Zone 29 615-862-5455
Danny Bratcher Fire Inspector - Zone 4B 615-862-5290
Linda Brown Fire Inspector - Zone 24 615-862-5423
Adam Burns Fire Inspector - Zone 18 615-862-5383
Jason Campbell Fire Inspector - Zone 8A 615-862-5402
Patrick Williams Fire Inspector - Zone 8B 615-862-5237
Alex Underwood Fire Inspector Industrial 615-880-3461
Chad Young Fire Inspector - Zone 4A and 12 615-862-5233

Fire Plans Review

Name Title Phone Email
Joe Almon Plans Examiner 2 615-862-5248
Jim Rummage Fire Plans Examiner 615-862-7082
Patricia Reynolds Fire Inspector 615-862-5421
Chanda Williams Fire Inspector 615-862-6612
Barbara Demonbreun Fire Inspector 615-862-5378
Quinetta Bartley Fire Inspector Permits and Events 615-862-5377

Sprinkler Plans Review

Name Title Phone Email
Ken Hollis Assistant Fire Marshal 615-862-5240
Joe Cooper Fire Inspector 615-880-3475
Tommy Goad Fire Inspector 615-862-5277
Michelangelo McCallister Fire Inspector 615-862-5238
Joe Bowman Fire Inspector 615-862-5286
John Torzilli Fire Inspector 615-862-5291