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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)ems patch

Life Saving care right here in your community.

Nashville Fire Department maintains a high commitment of medical excellence for the citizens of Davidson County.

Nashville Fire Department EMS Online Bill Payment

Nashville Fire Department EMS division is pleased to announce an online bill payment option as an expansion of our services. This service allows patients to pay bills for ambulance transports provided by Nashville Fire Department with a credit or debit card. In accordance with T.C.A. 9-1-108 and Metropolitan Ordinance BL 2008-218, a 2.3% convenience fee is assessed by the electronic processing company on all credit and debit card transactions processed by the Nashville Fire Department. No portion of that fee goes to the Nashville Fire Department or the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County.

Pay your Bill Online.

For questions regarding your ambulance bill and payment please call 866-850-1453 or 615-622-9354.

What is an EMT, What is a Paramedic?

An EMT is best defined as a medical professional who provides medical care in the pre-hospital environment, usually in an emergency setting, at the point of illness or injury.

A Paramedic, or EMT-P, is the highest level of EMT. A Paramedic is trained in ALS, or Advanced Life Support, and has the ability to administer a variety of medications to treat a variety medical or traumatic conditions, manage childbirth and high risk emergency deliveries, start IVs/IOs, intubate, perform Cricothyrotomies, needle decompression, cardiac pacing, cardioversion and defibrillation, and interpret/correct EKG's to stabilize certain cardiac conditions.


An Emergency Medical Service (EMS) unit is dispatched through Davidson County 911 communications center in the event of a critical injury or illness.

A medical emergency is an immediate danger to life or health. If you feel that you have a critical illness or injury that requires immediate intervention call 911 without delay.

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