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Fire Department Special Operations

NFD Swift Water Rescue Team Member

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NFD Special Operations Division is a multi-faceted division under the fire department's Operations Deputy-Director Chief. The division is currently staffed by a Fire Commander, two Fire Captains and a Firefighter Hazmat Specialist. The Chief of Special Operations is responsible to provide oversight to field response incidents and personnel management and to ensure NFD personnel assigned to specialty teams maintain their certifications and training. The special operations team represents a group of Firefighter personnel that in addition to their firefighting duties and training elect to diversify and train to meet the challenges and dangers of specific rescue environments. The Chief of Special Operations has management / oversight responsibilities for the following programs: Hazardous Materials Section, Technical Rescue Section, Marine Section, Tennessee Task Force 2 Urban Search and Rescue Team and Homeland Security / Domestic Preparedness. Additionally, two fire suppression line District Chief's oversee Technical and Special Hazard programs.

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