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Occupational Health and Safety

The mission of the Nashville Fire Departments Occupational Health and Safety Office is to provide for the safety, health, fitness, and general welfare of all members through the implementation of programs and activities designed to reduce the frequency and severity of injuries and accidents and to achieve, maintain, and promote the enhancement of member health and fitness.

Safety / Risk Management

The Safety programs primary task is to promote safe work habits with the goal of reducing on duty injuries and vehicle accidents. All records concerning injuries on duty and fire vehicle accidents are kept in the Safety office and analyzed. The results of the analysis are carefully studied and provide insight into incident causes and trends. This allows us to have a more targeted approach in developing accident and injury reduction programs.

Health & Physical Fitness

The NFD’s Health and Physical Fitness Program strives to improve the quality of life and health of each member through innovative effective fitness training and nutritional coaching. These tools are needed to become healthier, physically stronger, and to motivate others to live well. Our goal is to invoke long-lasting change that will positively impact not only our department but our community.

Each year our personnel undergo a mandatory “Fit for Duty” medical exam. They are also required to certify in their assigned position. This is achieved through the use of a simulated Job Task Physical Ability Test that assesses and evaluates a member’s ability to perform essential job tasks.

Our vision is to become an industry leader in fire service health and fitness. Our commitment and efforts have won us national recognition from the American Heart Association as an AHA Gold Level Fit-Friendly Company for three years in a row. Our program was also featured in the 2012 HBO Documentary “Weight of the Nation”.