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Fleet Management Asset Management

The Department of General Services ensures that safe, reliable fleet vehicles and equipment are available for Metro business and at the lowest initial and operating costs possible. Toward that end, the Office of Fleet Management Asset Management staff provide a range of services including vehicle/equipment acquisition (fleet additions and replacements), license renewal, and asset disposal. We also promote and direct employee use practices that will reduce air pollution, conserve fuel, protect assets, and reduce costs.


The cost-effective acquisition (by purchase or lease) of vehicles and equipment to meet the needs of Metro agencies is the primary Asset Management objective. Asset Management staff procure units that are properly approved funded for purchase in accord with all relevant requirements.

back end of 4 new police cars parked side-by-side

Asset Management staff record units in Metro’s fixed asset system as well as complete any registration and licensing requirements. Government Service plates are affixed to Metro vehicles (except a regular series license plate may be issued and affixed to vehicles assigned to selected officials or units involved in surveillance or undercover activities). Except in the cases of vehicles used for law enforcement purposes or assigned to transport an elected Metro official, our office will affix a clearly visible decal or seal identifying the agency to which it is assigned to the front door of each side of any Metro owned or leased vehicle. Finally, we assign and affix a unique, alpha-numeric unit identification number to each vehicle and piece of equipment.

Assignment and Use

The assignment (including 24-hour, take home assignment) of all Metro vehicles is subject relevant Department of General Services requirements. Further, Fleet Administrative Orders include the following employee use standards:

  • driver/operator qualifications, requirements, and responsibilities
  • acceptable us
  • unauthorized/prohibited use
  • engine idling restrictions
  • smoking (including e-cigarette, electronic vaping device, and such) and tobacco use prohibitions

Additionally, a Metro vehicle or piece of equipment may not be modified without the written approval of the Office of Fleet Management.


The responsibility for vehicle and equipment disposal was delegated by the Department of Finance to the Department of General Services by departmental memorandum of understanding on December 21, 2004. Our office will evaluate units submitted for disposal to determine condition and possible reassignment or removal from service.

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