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Fleet Administrative Orders

Metro employees share in the responsibility for compliance with Fleet Administrative Orders. Metro departments and agencies designate Fleet Coordinators responsible for overseeing and managing compliance and ensuring the maintenance of comprehensive documentation demonstrating that compliance with all fleet requirements. Finally, each Agency Head is ultimately responsible for the enforcement of Fleet Administrative Orders and may issue policy and procedures that are more restrictive than or supplementary to the requirements of orders, policies, and procedures.

Order Number Subject
AO 01-09 (revision 2) Engine Anti-Idling Requirements
AO 02-09 (revision 1) Smoking and Tobacco Use
AO 03-09 (revision 1) Fuel Program
AO 04-09 (revision 1) Fleet Maintenance Program
AO 05-09 (revision 1) Asset Acquisition and Disposal Program
AO 06-09 (revision 1) Vehicle and Equipment Configuration
AO 07-09 (revision 1) Vehicle and Equipment Use and Assignment Policy
AO 08-14 Agency Fleet Coordinator Requirements

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