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Fleet Management Fuel Program

The Department of General Services ensures that fuel to operate Metro fleet units is conveniently available and that its use is appropriately managed and that its management includes the promotion of practices that will reduce air pollution, conserve fuel, and reduce costs. Our fuel program provides all departments and agencies with access to Metro-owned bulk fuel sites as well as to commercial fuel sites where employees may obtain fuel for Metro vehicles and equipment.

Under our fuel program, fuel keys (to obtain fuel at Metro fuel sites) and fuel cards (for buying fuel from commercial vendors) are issued to vehicles and equipment, and employees must use their Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) with either a fuel key or a fuel card to authorize a transaction at one of our fuel sites or a commercial fuel site.

Each Metro agency must approve which employees are permitted to obtain fuel for particular units and must request us to provide those individuals with unique PINs activated for use with selected fuel keys and fuel cards to authorize transactions. The program enables both agencies and the Office of Fleet Management to track and monitor fuel use by vehicle or equipment and by employee.

Commercial Fuel Vendors

Our fuel sites are complemented by a fuel card program operated through a contracted fuel card vendor. The program provides access to commercial fuel sites throughout the county and across the county where employees may obtain fuel. The program capitalizes on efficiencies that result from having fuel sources closer to operating areas, and the fuel card vendor provides an information system supporting fuel program management and accountability.

Metro fuel card with vehicle decal number circled

Fuel card program services include:

  • 24 hour, seven day customer service
  • card acceptance with tax exemption program at approximately 340 commercial fuel sites in Davidson County
  • card acceptance nationwide at over 90% of the nation’s commercial fuel locations (not all observe Metro tax exemption)
  • automatic deduction of federal, state, and local sales taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel purchases at participating vendors
  • enhanced card security PIN requirement
  • electronic billing (to reduce administrative costs)
  • card replacement within 24 hours (if requested following proper procedures)
  • customized authorization controls including transaction and daily amounts, number of daily transactions, and transaction time

Office of Fleet Management Fuel Sites

We operate four Metro-owned, bulk fuel sites where fuel for Metro vehicles and equipment may be obtained.

gasoline dispenser

East Center - Public Works
at 941 Dr. Richard G. Adams Dr.

South 5th - Public Works
at 740 South Fifth Street

South Police Precinct
at 5115 Harding Place

Hermitage Police Precinct
at 3701 James Kay Lane

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