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Metro Facilities Maintenance and Operations

Maintenance & Operations is responsible for the day-to-day management, general and preventive maintenance, and repair of selected Metro facilities and their systems.

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The Archibus system is a primary tool for both managing building operations, maintenance, and all associated facility data. Among its many functions, the system provides the best method for Metro employees located in General Services facilities to communicate with Maintenance & Operations to report facility, maintenance, or janitorial issues; reserve conference center space; or request accommodations.

Maintenance & Operations staff use alpha pages, e-mail, two-way radios as well as smartphones and iPads (with instant access to the Archibus) and for effective, timely communications to ensure requests are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Staff are responsible for the real-time monitoring of building electrical and mechanical systems including energy consumption.

Report a Facility Problem

To report a problem in a facility managed by General Services, a Metro employee should submit a work request online.

If the situation being reported is an emergency and it is occurring during business hours, call one of the following numbers:

  • 615-880-3499
  • 615-880-1786
  • 615-862-8960

Report after-hours emergencies (i.e., when there is a threat to public health, welfare, or safety) by calling the Security Control Center at: 615-862-6599.

Contact Us

General Services

P.O. Box 196300
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Maintenance & Operations

730 2nd Ave South
Lindsley Hall - Fulton Campus
615-917-0007 (mobile)

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