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Print and Copy Services for Metro Government

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The Department of General Services manages Metro-wide contracts for reprographics, printing, and graphic services including multi-functional copiers, printers, scanners and related devices located and used throughout Metro government.

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General Services

P.O. Box 196300
Nashville, TN 37219-6300

General Services Print and Copy Services

730 2nd Ave South
Richard H. Fulton Campus
Lindsley Hall

Printing, Reprographic, and Graphic Services

RJ Young Company
Metro Contract 445999

The RJ Young Digital Printing Services office is located at 730 Freeland Station Road in Metro Center, approximately 3.8 miles from the Metro Courthouse.

Mary Catherine Fleenor, RJ Young Company Metro Account Representative

Multi-Functional Printer/Copier Devices and Other Related Items

RJ Young Company
Metro Contract 440707

Lindsey Jarvis, RJ Young Company Metro Account Representative

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