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Special Bombing Review Commission


Ordinance No. BL2021-612
Term – 1 Year
9 Members


The Special Bombing Review Commission shall review and investigate the circumstances surrounding the suicide bombing in Nashville on December 25, 2020, to make recommendations regarding possible improvements, procedures, and policy changes to reduce the likelihood of another bombing in Nashville, and to improve the city's response to similar emergencies in the future. The Commission has the authority to conduct its own investigation, hold hearings, request the services of the Metropolitan Auditor, and, upon adoption of a resolution by the Council, engage the services of outside professionals. Further, as a result of the investigatory authority granted herein, the Commission shall have the right pursuant to Section 18.10 of the Metropolitan Charter to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of books, papers, and records pertinent to the investigation or any hearing, and to administer oaths to witnesses. The Commission shall prepare a Report and Recommendations to the Council about its findings and any recommendations for further action, within one year from the date of the first meeting of the Commission.


A designee has not yet been finalized. Please visit the Fire Department web page for information about that department.


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