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Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical Examiners and Appeals Board


BL2021-718 (Metro Code of Laws Chapter 2.76)

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The Board of Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical Examiners and Appeals shall examine applicants for master mechanical certificate, HVAC&R certificate, gas and appliance certificate, master plumber, journeyman, and apprentice plumber's certificate, master electrician's certificate, equipment installer's license, and low-voltage wiring installer's license, and issue such certificate or license as deemed appropriate. The board shall also examine applicants for homeowner permits. Owners may appeal a decision of the director of codes administration to the board whenever the director rejects or does not approve the mode or manner of a gas/mechanical, plumbing, and/or electrical system or installation or the materials used or proposed, or when it is claimed that certain provisions do not apply or an equally good or more desirable installation or material can be employed.

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This board was established on June 4, 2021. Additional information will be posted as it comes available.


Julie Welch



Members list to be determined.

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