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Special Solid Waste and Recycling Commission


Ordinance No. BL2021-693

12 Members


The purpose of the Special Solid Waste and Recycling Commission is to identify solutions and make recommendations to the Council regarding the disposal of Nashville’s solid waste, and to explore options including but not limited to: fees for waste generators and haulers, fines for commercial establishments who do not meet a certain recycling threshold, incentives for recycling, composting, minimizing solid waste generation, and maximizing the diversion of materials from landfills, and anticipated funding mechanisms that will be needed for long-term solid waste disposal. The Commission shall submit its report and any recommendations within six (6) months from the date of the first meeting of the Commission. Should the Commission determine that additional time is required, an extension may be authorized by the Council.

Meeting Details

This board was established on June 4, 2021. Additional information will be posted as it comes available.


The Commission is staffed by the Water Services Department or any successor agency responsible for solid waste collection.


Members list to be determined.

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