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Convention Center Authority


Resolution No. RS2009-881
Term - 4 years
9 Members

Function: The Convention Center Authority is authorized under Title 7, Chapter 89 of the Tennessee Code Annotated to plan, promote, finance, construct, acquire, renovate, equip and enlarge convention center facilities along with associated hotel accommodations; transportation infrastructure; tourist, theatre and retail business facilities; commercial offices; parking lots or garages and any and all facilities related to any of these. The primary purpose of any and all such facilities shall be the conduct and service of conventions, public assemblies, conferences, trade exhibitions or other business, social, cultural, scientific and public interest events and related activities, but use of these facilities need not be limited to those events.

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Rules and Regulations

Meets: On a “called” basis (contact authority for date), at 201 Fifth Avenue South.


Charles Starks



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