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Beer Permit Board


Metropolitan Code Section 7.04.010
Term - 4 years
7 Members


The Metropolitan Beer Permit Board has jurisdiction over licensing, regulating and controlling the transportation, storage, sale, distribution, possession, receipt and/or manufacture of beer of an alcoholic content of not more than eight percent by weight or any other beverage of like alcoholic content, and shall constitute the sole administrative agency in the Metropolitan Government for the administration of all laws and ordinances relating to beer and like alcoholic beverages.

Board Rules and Regulations

Meeting Details

Meetings are held twice monthly:

  • Second Thursday of the month at 800 2nd Avenue South, Nashville Room in the Metro Office Building
  • Fourth Wednesday of the month at 700 2nd Avenue South, Sonny West Conference Room in the Howard Office Building

Contact the board for more information.


Benton McDonough, Executive Director



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