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Charter Revision Commission


Metropolitan Code Section 2.120
Term - 4 years
7 Members


The functions, powers and duties of the Charter Revision Commission shall be to receive and study recommendations relating to proposed amendments to the Metropolitan Charter; to hold public hearings with respect to amendments to the Metropolitan Charter; to make recommendations to the Metropolitan Council concerning the amendments to the Metropolitan Charter and to report periodically to the Metropolitan Council on its activities; and the Charter Revision Commission is an agency of the Metropolitan Government, authorized to hold hearings, and shall have the power to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of books, papers and records pertinent to the hearing, and to administer oaths to witnesses. If any persons fails or refuses to obey a reasonable order for attendance or reasonable order for the production of books and papers, the Commission is authorized to apply to the chancery court for an order requiring that the order of the Commission be obeyed.

Commission Rules and Regulations

Meeting Details

Meetings are held on a “called” basis. The meeting location is listed in the event details when events are posted. Contact the commission for more information.

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Metro Clerk


Elizabeth Waites


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