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Gas / Mechanical Examiners and Appeals Board


Metropolitan Code of Laws Section 2.84
Term - 4 years
7 Members

Function: The Board of Gas and Mechanical Examiners and Appeals shall examine all applicants for Master Mechanical Certificate, HVAC&R Certificate and Gas and Appliance Certificate, and upon the successful completion of such examination and payment of the required certification fee, shall issue to each applicant an appropriate certificate of registration. The Board, in open meetings, shall hear all appeals from any decision or ruling of the director of codes administration. The Board may recommend to the director, upon presentation of satisfactory evidence in the form of material tests and technical data of any new gas or mechanical material or method of installation not specifically covered or allowed. A public hearing, at a time and place set by the Board, shall be held prior to their recommendation for approval or disapproval, of any proposed new gas or mechanical material or method of construction. Such hearing shall be conducted according to the rules of the Board established for such hearings. The Board shall have authority to revoke or suspend any certification or contractor registration issued by such board. The Board shall review, discuss and vote on all proposed ordinances to change provisions of the gas/mechanical regulations.

Rules and Regulations

Meets: Third TUESDAY of the month, 1:30 p.m., at 800 Second Avenue South (Metro Office Building)  (contact board for more information)


Karene West
(615) 862-6591



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