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Strategy 2: Develop Small Business Resources

According to American City Business Journals’ 2017 Small Business Vitality survey, Nashville ranked No. 18 among 106 metros in the area of small business success. During the first quarter of 2017, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce saw an average membership increase of 20 per month. Nashville is constantly expanding support for entrepreneurs and small businesses, but sometimes these efforts occur in silos, and it is often difficult for small business owners to gain full view of all opportunities. To stay on the path of progress, Nashville must create a network of small business resources, and use data and analytics to develop those resources based on current needs and trends.

Strategic Actions

  1. Engage in a structured inventory assessment to understand what resources and capital funding networks are available, underused or at capacity, and make the results accessible to the public online.
  2. Create digital tool with searchable databases of all available commercial real estate across the city, with options to sort by geographical area and property characteristics, with options to view detailed specifications and history.
  3. Develop and promote a regional public/private open data platform, available to the public, which presents data from government, business and academic sectors in one web-based location, along with simple data visualization tools.

Case Study

Category: Business Resources

Small Business Support for the Digital Age

Austin Smart Start, a partnership between Austin's Development Services and Economic Development agencies, helps new small business owners navigate the development review, permitting and inspections process. Smart Start is a municipal application that guides users through each of the major steps of the development process, answering their questions along the way, informing them about regulations and connecting them with resources.

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