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Strategy 4: Strengthen Nashville’s Entrepreneurial Spirit and Community

Nashville has a rich history of supporting entrepreneurs, at a consistently higher level than the national average ( Top 50 Cities for Entrepreneurs 2016, WalletHub Best Places to Start a Business 2017, Forbes Best Places for Businesses and Careers 2017). Opportunities and resources are plentiful. New ideas are abundant. The framework that connects ideas to resources across Nashville is a critical component for continued success. This framework, if we strengthen it, will extend Nashville’s entrepreneurial training and development initiatives across all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, incomes and locations.

Strategic Actions

  1. Explore and adapt programs that pull existing initiatives into a comprehensive platform that allows entrepreneurs to engage with diverse resources and services.
  2. Encourage and assist Metro Nashville Public Schools in incorporating business skills across Nashville’s educational curriculum, especially through the Academies of Nashville.
  3. Develop programs and partnerships to increase digital entrepreneurship capabilities related to ecommerce and online business opportunities for less traditional entrepreneurs for primary or auxiliary income.

Case Study

Category: Entrepreneur Resources

Comprehensive and Customized Entrepreneur Engagement

The folks at Helsinki Business Hub understand that to attract and support entrepreneurship in Helsinki requires a multi-layered approach. HBH aims to foster continued business growth in Helsinki by making sure that the city offers resources to attract and serve entrepreneurs and new businesses. From tailored industry information and custom fact-finding tours to investor introductions and help understanding the business ecosystem, HBH creates a support system to ensure that entrepreneurs have everything they need to succeed – all free of charge.

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