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Strategy 14: Implement Proactive Tourism and Crowd Management

Nashville has long been known as one of the nation’s most vibrant tourist destinations, and is poised to continue that momentum into the near future. According to the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp., Nashville attracts over 13 million visitors every year. Planning for crowds, monitoring crowds and managing crowds are essential elements of a smart and connected city. Nashville has the opportunity to use technology to enhance the tourism experience for visitors and provide more efficient crowd management tools for city management.

Strategic Actions

  1. Pilot freestanding, internet-connected public information kiosks in high-traffic tourist areas. These can provide wayfinding, interactive information on nearby sites and amenities, free WiFi and device charging. Costs may be offset with cooperative marketing agreements.
  2. Expand Metro’s public WiFi network to engage more community sites, particularly with additional coverage at Metro Parks locations.
  3. Explore utilizing Music City Center’s wayfinding application at Nashville International Airport to provide personalized directions to airline passengers as soon as they exit their planes.
  4. Explore technologies and conduct a pilot to offer location-based mobile phone messaging to residents and visitors in a geographic area.

Case Study

Category: Public Information Kiosks

Linking Citizens to the Benefits of Digital Access

LinkNYC is a service that offers kiosks across the city with free WiFi, device charging and phone calls. The kiosks include tablets that provide access to information about city services, maps and directions. All of this is free for users, because the kiosks and services are paid for by advertisers who display their marketing on the kiosks. The network is designed to utilize feedback from citizens to make improvements continuously over time.

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