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Connected Nashville Dimension 5: Smart Environment

The natural conditions that exist in Nashville, if we properly nurture and maintain them, support and benefit our daily lives. Smart environment is about active engagement in protecting the resources that drew people to Middle Tennessee. It includes maximizing the efficiency of our energy use while decreasing the total amount of energy we consume. Green buildings use technologies to monitor how our day-to-day lives positively or negatively affect our environment. Real-time monitoring and analysis of air quality, greenhouse gas emissions and water cleanliness can improve how we manage our resources and help us to make choices that improve the health and well-being of our communities for ourselves and our children.

Strategies in Dimension 5, Smart Environment

Strategy 15: Embrace Green Building and Energy Efficiency

The Mayor’s Livable Nashville Committee has set forth recommendations to use green building practices to positively impact our city’s livability. According to Nashville-Davidson County Greenhouse Gas Emissions inventories, as of 2014, commercial properties make up 27% of Nashville’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Enhancing the resource efficiency of new and existing buildings will facilitate decreases in annual energy use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions and storm water runoff for existing Metro Government and Nashville buildings, make utility bills more affordable for lower-income Nashville residents, and reduce the annual energy consumption of both government and commercial buildings sectors.

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Strategy 16: Protect Our Natural Resources

Nashville continues to make great efforts to support our exponential growth in city infrastructure and people. To ensure sustainable growth, we must place equal importance on the preservation of the county’s natural resources. Metro Nashville boasts over 12,000 acres of open space, including 108 Parks and 19 Greenways. Maintaining and conserving open space, increasing tree canopy cover, and improving the city’s compliance with the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act will ensure that Nashvillians have clean air, clean water and greenspace now and for future generations.

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