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Metro Departments Involved In Development Services

The Development Services page provides developers and property owners with a central point of reference for development and permit processing issues. The Development Services departments are connected through a common database and computer software system for permit tracking and inspection tracking services. They have also been co-located together in the Metro Office Building – thus the ‘one-stop shop’ for permits.

The links below lead to the various Metro departments involved in development.


The Codes Department administers Nashville’s zoning code, building code and related codes, registers licensed contractors, and makes construction inspections to ensure compliance with applicable codes.

Contact: Wade Hill, or 615-862-6520.


The Fire Department participates in the development process by enforcing the Fire Code through construction regulation and building inspections, and by providing development standards.

Contact: Steve Holt, or call 615-862-5230.

Water / Stormwater

The Water Services Information for Developers ensures a safe and adequate water supply, regulates grading and drainage, and administers Metro’s stormwater regulations.


The Planning Department reviews proposed zone changes and subdivision applications and works with local communities to plan appropriate, sustainable development.

Contact: Planners at the Planning Department service desk, 615-862-7190 or email

Public Works

The Public Works Department regulates and maintains much of the county’s infrastructure, including streets, traffic signals and signage, roadways, bridges, sidewalks, and parking. Public Works also operates Davidson County’s trash collection and curbside recycling program in the Urban Services District of Metro.

Contact: Scott McCormick, or 615-862-8792.


The Metropolitan Public Health Department oversees septic and sewage disposal systems and construction of commercial kitchens and hotel/condo/apartment swimming pools. Builders and developers who plan to work in areas without Metro sewage service should contact our Environmental Engineering department before submitting construction plans.

Contact: Spencer Hissam, or 615-340-0438.

Nashville Electric Service

Nashville Electric Service is the local electric-power utility for over 355,000 customers across Davidson County. Their Builders' and Contractors' page provides specific information on applications, procedures, and design standards.

Contact: Energy Services Engineering,