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Getting a Building Permit in Nashville and Davidson County

Application, Plans Review, and Approval

The application and plans circulate through our Development Services departments:

  • Codes - Zoning, site plan, building plan
  • Fire Marshal - Fire code plan
  • Public Works - Sidewalks, curbs, and ramps
  • Water Services - Water and sewer availability; cross-connections

Additional Review and Approval

Actions required under certain conditions:

  • SP, PUD or UDO zoning - Site plan review by Planning Commission
  • Over 10,000 square feet of site disturbance - Grading permit from Water Services
  • Site in 100-year floodplain - Floodplain review by Water Services
  • Site in Historic Overlay District - Review by Historical Commission
  • Site in MDHA Redevelopment District - Review by MDHA

Once the review and approval are complete the following actions take place:

Questions or Problems

Contact the person who handled your original application if you have any questions or problems; he or she will be your guide and contact throughout the permitting process. Our goal is to minimize confusion and delay, and to resolve your application as quickly and easily as possible.