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Getting a Building Permit in Nashville and Davidson County

Pre-Submittal Conference (optional)

Applicants can often avoid unexpected problems and expense by discussing their application and project with our Development Services departments while still in the project design phase, and before the submission of a permit application.

Note: The pre-submittal conference is only for Commercial Projects and not residential projects. Do not request a meeting if your project is not a commercial project.

Pre-submittal conference details and scheduling information

File your application at the Department of Codes and Building Safety on the third floor of the Metro Office Building, 800 Second Avenue South.

Application, Plans Review, and Approval

The application and plans circulate through our Development Services departments:

  • Codes - Zoning, site plan, building plan
  • Fire Marshal - Fire code plan
  • Public Works - Sidewalks, curbs, and ramps
  • Water Services - Water and sewer availability; cross-connections

Additional Review and Approval

Actions required under certain conditions:

  • SP, PUD or UDO zoning - Site plan review by Planning Commission
  • Over 10,000 square feet of site disturbance - Grading permit from Water Services
  • Site in 100-year floodplain - Floodplain review by Water Services
  • Site in Historic Overlay District - Review by Historical Commission
  • Site in MDHA Redevelopment District - Review by MDHA

Once the review and approval are complete the following actions take place:

Questions or Problems

Contact the person who handled your original application if you have any questions or problems; he or she will be your guide and contact throughout the permitting process. Our goal is to minimize confusion and delay, and to resolve your application as quickly and easily as possible.