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NashvilleNext Background Reports

In-depth reports on issues affecting growth, development, and livability, written by volunteer teams of local experts.

Expert analysis

"Greater Nashville: Trends, Preferences, and Opportunities" - a report on growth and demographic change by Dr. Arthur C. Nelson, director of the University of Utah's Metropolitan Research Center

"Local Solutions for a Regional Vision" - a report on taxation and land use patterns by Joe Minicozzi, principal, Urban3

Smart Growth America's case study, "Fiscal impact analysis of three development scenarios in Nashville-Davidson County, TN," addresses revenue and cost issues in Lenox Village, Bradford Hills, and the Gulch.

"Retrofitting Suburbia" - Conceptual case studies for redevelopment of twelve suburban sites in the Nashville area, prepared in cooperation with the University of Tennessee, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors.

"Jefferson Street: Revitalization Strategies in Historic Black Business Districts" - Case studies of seven successful efforts to revitalize similar corridors in other cities.

"Equitable Development: Promising Practices to Maximize Affordability and Minimize Displacement in Nashville's Urban Core" - a report prepared for NashvilleNext by Vanderbilt University's Community Research and Action Program.

Community Survey

Cover of survey report

The NashvilleNext process began with a survey of over 1100 local leaders and community members, matched as closely as possible to our city's economic and ethnic profile. Most of those surveyed listed jobs, education, public safety, and a clean environment as their highest priorities.

Read the Issues Survey report

Crosstabs from the Issues Survey - data arranged by demographic division