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Habitat for Paws

Habitat for Paws (HFP) is a nonprofit agency consisting of volunteers who desire to improve the living conditions of dogs living on chains or tethers (chained). Numerous risks to the community develop after a dog is chained or tethered more than 12 hours a day. Chained dogs often become aggressive toward people and other animals. Dogs living on the end of a chain or tethered are at risk for attacks by other animals.

There are various reasons for chaining a dog. The most prevalent reason is lack of funds available to purchase fencing. Without the proper daily exercise, a puppy growing into dog becomes energetic and difficult to control in the house. Often the answer families turn to is chaining the dog to keep it on their property, but out of the house.

HFP provides free services to families which may consist of transportation for medical care and spay/neuter surgeries, dog houses and fences.

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Habitat for Paws website
Habitat for Paws Facebook page

Middle Tennessee Pet Resource Center

Founded in September 2009 as a grassroots community action group, MTPRC's aim is to focus on strengthening the human - animal bond through education, compassion, and community action.

MTPRC brings together news and events relating to domestic pets and other animals in Middle Tennessee and around the globe. We also hold annual community action events including "HayDay", "Heart HayDay" and "Made In The Shade".

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MTPRC website
MTPRC Facebook page

Dogs Deserve Better

Dogs Deserve Better Nashville is the local branch of the National, award winning non-profit Dogs Deserve Better.

Our 100% Volunteer Team, aka #TeamDDBNashville, works diligently in under-serviced neighborhoods to provide nonjudgmental assistance to families with dogs who are continuously chained/penned. One in six Americans lives in poverty in the US. Six out of ten households have pets. This means way too many pets are living in poverty as well. Most of these families are giving their dog everything they have to offer, which is not always enough.