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Health Department

Board of Health Regulations

Air Pollution Regulations

"Air Pollution Control" of the Metropolitan Code of Laws

Regulation No. 1 - "Prevention, Abatement and Control of Air Contaminants from Open Burning"

Regulation No. 2 - "Prevention, Abatement, and Control of Air Contaminants from Materials Subject to Become Wind-Borne"

Regulation No. 3 - "New Source Review"

Regulation No. 4 - "Regulation for Control of Hazardous Air Pollutants"

Regulation No. 5 - "Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources"

Regulation No. 6 - "Emissions Monitoring for Stationary Sources"

Regulation No. 7 - "Regulation for Control of Volatile Organic Compounds"

Regulation No. 8 - "Regulation of Emissions from Light-Duty Motor Vehicles Through Mandatory Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program"

Regulation No. 9 - "Radon in Public Buildings"

Regulation No. 10 - "Infectious Waste Incinerators"

Regulation No. 11 - "Emergency Episode Regulation"

Regulation No. 12 - "Regulation for Control of Municipal Waste Combustors"

Regulation No. 13 - "Part 70 Operating Permit Program"

Regulation No. 14 - "Regulation for Control of Nitrogen Oxides"

Regulation No. 15 - "Title VI - Acid Deposition Control"

Regulation No. 16 - "Regulation for Control of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills"

Regulation No. 17 - "Regulation for Control of Commercial and Institutional Solid Waste Incineration Units"

Mobile Home and Travel Trailer Park Regulations

Mobile Home and Travel Trailer Park Regulation

Swimming Pool Regulations

Approval Process for Public Swimming Pools, Spas, and Water Features

Swimming Pool Regulations (MPHD)

Swimming Pool Regulations (State of TN)

Tattoo Establishment Regulations

Tattoo Regulations (State of TN)