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The Nashville Community Health and Well-being Survey

NashvilleHealth and the Metro Public Health Department partnered to lead the development and implementation of the Nashville Health and Well-being Survey.

The Nashville Community Health and Well-being Survey is a county wide assessment of health related behaviors and chronic conditions from among a sample of adults aged 18 and older residing in Davidson County conducted between late-October 2018 and early April 2019. The survey addresses health behaviors, chronic health conditions, preventive health practices and other factors that impact health and well-being.

The survey methodology used a sequential mixed-mode methodology (web-based and mail) that resulted in 1,805 responses (1,284 web-based and 521 by mail). Surveys were in English and Spanish.

In order to insure the final sample was representative of the total adult population of Davidson County, the final sample of completed questionnaire responses were weighted using sample selection weights and post-stratification weights.

The survey methodology report and the analytic report of all survey questions and responses can be found here:

The Nashville Community Health and Well-being Survey Data Use Agreement

In an effort to build community knowledge about the health status of our residents that can inform decision making among leaders, practitioners and other stakeholders, we are making the dataset available to researchers for analysis. The responses to more than 100 questions included in the survey can provide information for strategies to drive solutions to Nashville’s unique health-related priorities and determinants.

To obtain the data set we ask that you complete and return the data use agreement. Upon receipt of the completed form, we will send you a link to your e-mail address to download the database.

The data file will be provided in a .csv format.

Nashville Health and Wellbeing Survey Data Use Agreement

Send the completed data use agreement to

If there are additional questions please email: